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Life is in phases, men in sizes.

I have not forgotten and will not forget in my lifetime, a season I was neck deep in debt to our children, yes, our children.

Ask me how? I took all the money we had saved up for them to support The Praying Hannah’s Ministry, that I coordinate, hmmm… zeal without knowledge it was. Full gist on this season in my memoir titled LIVING-LOVING-LAUGHING, The Balanced ME™ available on Amazon (link in bio).

 One major person God used in whipping me into shape was Tosin Praise Fowowe aka TPF – Iyawo Oga, Emi Oga. I signed up for her heavily discounted 30- Day Financial Fitness Program and when it was time to go a step further by joining her Mastermind, she let me in free of charge as I could not afford it then.

TPF you are one in a million, you held my hands, gently but firmly and walked me out of debt – yay!!! I paid off all I owed our children and the rest is history.

Today, I am stopping by to say Thank you!!! Thank you for all you do for God and Humanity. The Lord a

Bless and reward you big.

 Are you stuck when it comes to your finances? Look no further, TPF is your go-to.