Pre-Dating Coaching Programme


Pre-Dating Coaching Programme is for those who are interested in starting off Dating on the right foot.

During this programme you will be:

  • Taking assessments that will reveal you to you – the Basic Love Language Assessment, Beliefs/ Culture Compatibility Assessment, Pre-Dating Assessment, Personality Discovery Test, Self-Identification Test, Adverse Childhood Identification Test and Attachment Style Quiz
  • Engaging in practical life conversations around getting set to date all through the sessions
  • Able to ask questions and receive honest and principle based answers
  • Identifying areas you need to work on and what your immediate next steps/ action plans should be

This programme will help you:

  • Understand yourself better – expanded awareness
  • Manage expectations of yourself and others
  • Transform you inside out as you examine your beliefs to ensure they are empowering, promoting your peace and progress
  • Equip and prepare you with tools that will help in your decision making process as regards dating and life in general.

This group coaching programme holds for 2 weekends, that is 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays by 7PM WAT for 2hours each, making 8 hours of immersive, revealing and transformational Coaching

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