Building the Home Of Your Dreams

Do You Want To Experience Bliss In Your Marraige?

Are you filled with fear because of stories you are creating about how your marriage might fail?

Has trust given way in your home?

Do you know the basic principles of a successful marriage or are you just making it up as you go?

“If it works, it works” you say

Or you just know there is more in Marriage and you want the more?

Do you know how your upbringing, life experiences and the environment you grew up and even that of your spouse may be impacting your marrriage?

Do you know anyone whose marriage you admire and you desire same?

If any these resonate with you, then we will like you join us on Building the Home of your Dreams Programme.

If your desire is to have the marrriage and home of your dream, you can be sure, that’s what you will get at the end of 13 weeks.


  • Comprehensive Assessments, Reviews and Recommendations. 
  • Heal from past trauma.
  • Deal with self-sabotaging beliefs.
  • Create and install proven family systems. 
  • Discover how to rebuild your marriage from where it is to where you desire.
  • Take delivery of proven tools that will help you rebuild your marriage from where it is to where you desire.
  • A Healing Session or more if need be.
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Customers reviews


The Coaching Process with Ayo Lawrence made me realize some things needed to be put in place by My Wife and I. We were reminded of our Love Languages amongst other things but what changed everything for us was we discovering and learning our Apology Languages. We fixed up, forgave ourselves and began building our friendship afresh