Pre-Marital, Marital and Post Marital Counselling/Coaching

Marital Counseling/Coaching

Our Marriage Enrichment Programme for married couple clients involves equipping them with tools needed to maintain or fan into flame mutual understanding, clarity, balance, love, peace and bliss in their homes.

Our professional Counselors/Coaches/Therapists take our clients through structured dialogue that helps in resolving emotional, psychological, interpersonal, and/or sexual patterns that may be negatively affecting couples or an individual in a non-judgmental space with a compassionate approach hence improving marital relationships.

We are Marriage Counsellors in Lagos Nigeria.

Pre-Marital Counseling/ Coaching

Our Marriage Preparatory Programme, is the pre-marital counseling/ coaching service that helps intending couple clients prepare effectively for married life. It aims to help build a strong foundation for marriage – creating a blueprint for their lives together.

It is intended to help them look into and have conversations around several important issues, ranging from communication to Conflict Resolution to Finances to Parenting and raising children so that both are aligned. It helps to identify potential conflict areas and equip the Intending Couples with tools to navigate them successfully.

Post-Marital Counseling/ Coaching

This also known as FLOURISH is for individuals in transition from married life to singlehood as a result of death, separation or divorce, These sessions with our professional Counselors, Coaches and Therapists helps couples and individuals make informed decisions regarding where they are at in life.

Marriage Counsellors in Lagos

Our professional counsellors take you through structured dialogue that helps you identify the source of difficulties/concerns being experienced and together you develop ways and skills to deal with and overcome these issues by understanding yourself and others leading to bliss and wholeness.

Our counselling services include:

  • General Counselling
  • Marriage Preparatory Programme (Pre-Marital Counselling)
  • Marriage Enrichment Programme (Marital Counselling)
  • Florish (Post-Marital Counselling)
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