Virtual Emotions Strengthening Retreat

Do You Have An Individual Who Needs To Be Emotionally Strengthened?

Depression is a common health concern and a lot don’t understand or recognise its warning signs.

Raising an individual that is dealing with low self-esteem or any other emotional issue can be one of the most challenging experiences.

One may feel an individual isn’t proactive in his/her ability to make decisions or emotionally strengthened to go through life successfully.

We understand that these feelings can be quite daunting which is why this retreat is exactly what is needed.

People spend a lot of time improving other skills, getting the best education and neglecting one of the important areas of their lives their EMOTIONS.

Remember emotions heal when they are heard and validated.

This 3-Day Virtual Emotions Strengthening Retreat will help with 

  • Knowing yourself and managing your emotions better.
  • How to deal with and respond to difficult situations
  • How to connect and communicate with others better.
  • Be more mindful, empathetic, and resilient as humans.

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Customers reviews

What people say?

At first, I wasn't sure if the sessions would help but at the same time I knew I needed help. With Coach Ayo's support I was able to unravel what the challenges were and where they were coming from - the things weighing me down. And then the best part was that she equipped me with tools and resources to strengthen my emotions, now I am in a great state.