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Just a question for you today before story time, shall we? Yes, please.

Why do you do what you do? Selah!!! Pause for a bit and pick a thing and ask yourself why exactly do I do what I do?

That brings me to a decision I made in January 2022.

I decided I was going to stop posting celebratory messages for loved ones, friends, and family on social media. I was going to literarily disappear from social media in that wise for a year.

At first, it was tough, as I have been addicted to doing this and almost relapsed, because I missed the highs that comes as a result of the responses in the comment section – something I have been used to for years.

I decided to stop as I realized at that point in time, I was quick to wishing friends and family members happy celebrations (whatever it was) on social media before reaching out to them one on one – I knew it had to make an adjustment and I did.

 It has been 20 months, and I have stuck to my decision. I have gone over and beyond the , 12 months, wow!!!

I have built better rapport with the people in my life as a result of reaching out to them personally on their days of joy.

Now, I know I can celebrate my loved ones, friends, and family on social media because I would have given them that personal touch.

Hmmm… I will make it a 24-month break!!!

See you in January 2024 by God’s grace as I resume celebrating the amazing souls in my life on this platform.