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I had a bubu, the last time I wanted to wear it, I realized it was torn.

Oh wow! My cherished, free flowing dress can’t end its sojourn here on earth like that, so I cut the torn part and packed it to be mended.

On getting to the tailor’s shop, I was told that to hem in the part that I cut, I needed to pay 25CAD, then I asked if I could wait to pick up, then I was told to come back on Saturday, at that point I said oh no way.

 Then I remembered, I have my sewing kit and the knowledge my dear mum who had a certification in Needlework from Glasgow and my JSS 2 teacher impacted in me. They both taught me how to sew.

Then I swung to work on getting home and produced this lovely piece with the head gear.

So I did the back stitches, hemming and blanket stitches. I am so proud of myself.

 This reminds me again, that all we have learnt in life is not a waste. They come handy at some point.

What hand work are you good at?

 By the way, I can weave braid and thread hair and also do tie and dye.