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I started processing my admission into Fanshawe College in Toronto, Canada to study Addictions and Mental Health in May 2022 and all the way it was smooth, it was only me that had conflict in my mind as I have never left our children.

The highest I left them was for 9 days, and this was when I went on a personal vacation to Europe, so you can imagine my inner struggles.

Also, the financial commitment was daunting, I was afraid, but the provision came as we took each step.

So fastward when it became clear I would be going to Canada I told our family friend turned family, Mummy Atanda and she said ‘Mummy Tosin, your pick up from the airport and stay before you get your accommodation will be on us and with us’. Wow!! What favour!!!

 I met Mummy Atanda 20 years ago when we moved to Iwaya, Yaba, and we joined the House Fellowship of the Winner’s Chapel.

We were both drawn to each other and supported each other from time to time.

I was pregnant with our second child, and Mr Law was on secondment to Abidjan from work, so I was home alone with our first child.

She suggested one of her children stay with me to keep me company, and it was a welcome idea.

In the process of time, we shared things together such as palm oil , knorr cubes, groundnut oil, rice, beans, gaari to support each other.

Hmm.. her daughter, who hosted us generously with her hubby, was 12 years old at the time. On her way home from school then, she would have lunch at ours, we had a great relationship, this we kept over the years.

Getting into Canada on the 31st of August I experienced a soft landing as her Son-in-law turned son was waiting to receive our daughter and myself at the airport and was welcomed with my best meal – Amala later that evening.

 In all, God has been so faithful over the last 14 months, and I am grateful.

EL-Cubed International Limited is still very much operational in Nigeria, as we were able to put systems and structures in place. I am grateful to God for the amazing practitioners that I work with.

 Indeed, systems and structures. a must!!