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The Chronicles by Ayo Lawrence – 16

It was the year 2007, and the City Mall was opened for business in Lagos, Nigeria. Tosin @01tosin was 5 years old, going to 6 years, and Toyin @oluwatoyinnn was 4 years old at the time.

I decided to take them to that mall on sightseeing, and it was a welcome idea by all. Our two adorables were so excited, and we set out.

On getting to the mall, I realised it had an escalator, so we went up on it with ease, when we were done we got on it to decend but alas I missed my step, tripped and fell.

I practically sat on the stairs all the way down…. oh my, I was embarrassed, coupled with the fact that I was in a dress. I felt exposed and humiliated, and that was the last time I descended an escalator as I practically developed phobia for it.

Fast forward to October 2023, and studying agoraphobia a type of anxiety disorder, reminded me of my phobia, and I decided to face it headlong.

Oh my, I had to psyche myself over and over again. My classmate Jyoti also encouraged me to do it, afraid. And so on Friday the 24th of November, I faced my fear, braced up, and descended the escalator, yay!!.

I was excited, I celebrated my deliverance, what a liberating feeling after 16 years!!! I am grateful I chose not to live in fear any longer. I am grateful I chose to love me yet again.

And to you. Do you love you?