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The Chronicles by Ayo Lawrence – 15

On the 14th June 2023, I asked a sincere question out of concern on the Ladies’ Lounge WhatsApp group of The Praying Hannah’s Ministry @prayinghannahs and here it is ‘Dear mas, any suggestions as regards options outside of seasoning cubes when cooking?’

Thankfully, I got great responses, and that was the last time I used seasoning cubes.

I will backtrack a bit – some few years ago, my hubby requested we went off the use of seasoning cubes but I was not ready to explore that route so I did not yield until the 14th day of June 2023.

The thing is, our food became richer and more nutritious.

So some few days ago, I was tempted to add some seasoning cubes our landlord left for us in the kitchen cabinet to our meal and immediately Tamilore, our amazing 12-year old daughter said ‘Mum we have stopped the use of these, so do not let us go back’ – That was all I needed to hear, and I retraced my steps.

What am I driving at? Who are those speaking to and with you, who are your Counsellors, your Coaches, your Mentors, your Advisers, your Friends, the people you hear their voices always. Who are they?

Do they encourage you to do that which will propel you towards your peace and progress or otherwise. I am an advocate of relationship audit from time to time – this is a must so that you continue to stay on track as you keep LIVING, LOVING, LAUGHING and THRIVING.????????