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Growing up, I wanted to be a Medical Doctor. I just wanted to support the weak and the weary.

As life would happen for me – (yes, for me as all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose) being bugged down with Nephrotic Syndrome made it so impossible for me to pursue that dream.

 I opted for Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and started working at the prestigious System Specs after University and NYSC.

Few years later, I left to take care of our children, then went back to school for my PGD in Computer Science. As this was ongoing, I delved into business for years, after which I went back to work at System Specs. We then left for Kenya in 2010, and I decided yet again to take a course in Kitchen Operations Technique at Kenya Utalii College.

 After this I worked as a caterer for few years then decided to sit on The Praying Hannah’s Ministry – tphm fully. This I did till we started Omo-Oniru Limited as a family business.

Over the years the common denominator in all I did was that I was always people facing having opportunities to counsel, coach and mentor.

These we brought to the fore when in 2018 my hubby and I cofounded EL-Cubed International Limited, an organization into Counselling, Coaching, Therapy and Strategy supporting humanity massively since then.

 And here I am back in school, Fanshawe College, taking Addictions and Mental Health and with each lecture and the medical terminologies, I smile with excitement, telling myself yes I am loving this.

So this weekend, I took my CPR and First Aid Training at LIONSGUARD Health & Safety Training Center. Barrie by Heart2Heart First Aid/CPR

Our instructor, Paramedic Cecil, is fascinating, the 2 days information-packed and my partners throughout the training fantastic. Now I am a Certified First Aid Responder, yay!!!

 This new season of mine, so exciting as well as demanding – in all, it is worth it and I am grateful to God for this opportunity as I keep LIVING-LOVING-LAUGHING-THRIVING.