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One of the best decisions I made over the last one year was to go back to formal education and choosing to pursue it at Fanshawe College after amassing loads of other certifications in Coaching, Counselling, Therapy and Strategy.

Applying and getting admitted to study Addictions and Mental Health was seamless as the process put in place is top notch and in addition to this, is the flexible payment plan that most international students are looking out for.

By the way, Gerontology, Developmental Service Worker, Hotel and Resort Services Management, Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management and Palliative Care are also offered here in the Downtown Toronto Campus.

I must say the learning environment – oh my gosh is soothing, the table-chair seating level – convenient, the washroom, dining area always spick and span. And oh the prayer room, that I sneak into from time to time to have some me time is quiet and welcoming.

The school, a multicultural environment like Canada as a whole, is committed to student satisfaction and graduate employment – this is made obvious from day 1.

The Case Studies, Discussions, Reflections and Journals done on class or turned in as assignments are quite relatable. The instructors and members of staff are also very warm and amiable, making learning fun.

I have enjoyed every day at school and am always looking forward to each new day.On the whole, I am grateful to God I made the right choice of studying at Fanshawe College. the place to be Yes!! I keep LIVING-LOVING-LAUGHING-THRIVING

N.B. I am holding Stanley the moose, who sits pretty on my bedside table. I won him my first day at school.