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So here is one major win achieved this year 2023 ???????? – I released 6kgs. I dropped from 78kg to 72kg as at March . This is huge for me as my goal for the year is to release 8kgs gunning for 70kg

I have had my exercises by 5.30am, Mondays to Saturdays from the 2nd of January without fail. I have watched what I ate and when I ate. (Though I slowed down at some point, but I am back???)

It is so fulfilling to see the result. I am so grateful to God for His ever-available grace that I tapped into and myself ? for choosing to do that which is best for me.

Hmm… this reminds me that as I apply myself, trust the process and lean on God in all areas of my life. The result will be undeniable.

I hope this encourages someone – please revisit your goals and do the needful.

So in the light of this I am extending an invitation to you to join our Keep Fit Balanced ME™ Community where we exercise 5 times a week – Monday to Friday right from our homes.

You can join us on these 2 timezones, 5.30AM WAT and 5.30AM EST, Mondays to Fridays. ????

If any of this time works for you, please join via the Zoom link below and invite others too at the allotted times ???

Join Zoom Meeting
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87412212835?pwd=YW5NSE5aS2dSdlZrV1p5OWkvT2FQdz09 (link in bio)

Meeting ID: 874 1221 2835
Passcode: ELCUBED