Oluwatobi Olumide-Ajayi

Oluwatobi Olumide-Ajayi is a certified family life practitioner, a marriage/relationship coach and an entrepreneur.

She is passionate about God, marriages and family wellbeing. She passionately belives that marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured and she is always looking for opportunities to help couples achieve the bliss they desire and deserve in their marriage.

Through the help of God and tested tools and methodologies, she delivers hope and transformation to marriages.

She is the lead practitioner at 3cordcouples, a premarital and post- marital counselling outfit where she coaches and counsels on marriage, relationships and family wellbeing. 

She is happily married to Adeniyi Olumide-Ajayi, a handsome young man for over 14 years and they are blessed with four beautiful children.

She is also an entrepreneur, a baker and a chef. She is the CEO of GraceMade Place, a Lagos based restaurant and bakery that pampers your tummy with delicious mouth-watering food, bread and snacks.

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