Josephine Emesomhiade Akenuwa

Josephine Emesomhiade Akenuwa holds a B.A degree in English Education from Delta State University, Abraka a Master degree in Guidance and Counseling from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).  

She is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro- Linguistic Programming, a CBT Trained Anxiety and Depression expert, a certified expert in Personal Development and Work Life Balance and a Certified Advanced Leadership Trainer from the Daystar Leadership Academy.

She has developed Premarital & Marriage Enrichment Programme (PMEP), a Parenting on Purpose specialist (POP). 

She is a Character Based Relationship and Sexuality Educator (CBRSE) from the Dayspring Training Institute (The Educator).

She is also a Crisis Respondent Trainer. Dayspring Training Institute (The Educator).

Certified Faith Based Counselor (IIFBC Certified, USA), a Family Life Practitioner, Certified Faith Based Counselor of The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA.

Josephine is a certified family Mediator from the IMC campus, Germany.

She has all these amongst other trainings.

She is an advocate of the minority and the voiceless, an ardent proponent declaring what others shirk from or what majority are not paying attention to. 

As a Personal enhancement trainer/Coach assists individuals to understand that most behavior are learned they might not be performing to their maximum self, thus helping individuals elicit their pattern and interrupt those patterns that doesn’t promote their wellbeing. Equally, in Trauma Management, helping individuals leave a place of pain and disempowerment to a place of empowerment and wholeness.

Over the years, she has worked with individuals toward self-discovery and finding wholeness, worked with families; helping them to create relatable solutions to the challenges experienced by them. 

She also works with singles, helping them find balance in themselves before marriage, also helping couples attain bliss and wholeness in their marriages. 

Josephine assists organizations create a work place of team oriented work force. Equipping them with the basic skills that help to resolve disempowering issues that may have reduced their productivity and also impact positively on future productivity. 

She is also trained to deplore skilled tools that promote human wellness and productive mindset such that their organization becomes one of the best places for both human and systems growth and development. 

She assists employees and individuals to master how to attain closure and healing in their core stress zones thereby gaining emotional mastery of themselves.

Josephine is a resource person, trainer and facilitator; she has facilitated in Schools, Organizations, Churches, Seminars, parties and she organizes several Retreats and Conferences.

She is the author of the book; THE FOXES IN MARRIAGE, the Convener of Hephzibah Network Nationwide and the Director of Emeso Consult.

She is blessed with children.

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