Ebun Falomo

Ebun Fawole is The Fixer, who helps people experience mind-shift and give away their irrational way of thinking. A lavender that soothes the mind by bringing peace, calmness, and tranquility to people’s minds.

Ebun is a professional Guidance Counsellor with a Ph.D. in view, a Family Life Therapist who uses the tools of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Psycho Trauma Healing, and Family System Engineering for therapy and re-patterning.

She is good at creating transformative solutions to complex life challenges leveraging research-proven tools, interventions, and intuitive wisdom.

She is the Mastermind behind Push Through Consults, a platform that helps people see beyond their limiting beliefs and embrace possibilities.

Under the consult is The Balanced Woman Initiatives which is about value adding, inspiring, and empowering fellow women to take charge of their world.

Ebun is involved in Child Safety Advocacy where she helps to educate children handlers on child scripting, counseling and offers therapy to confused and abused children. This initiative has embarked on school tours on Child Sexual Education and has been a support system to a number of survivors.

Ebun served as a volunteer on the counseling team of TalkNaija assisting people to pull through their emotional and mental imbalance during the Covid19 pandemic and Lekki Massacre.

She served as the Head of Operations at The Center for Sex Education and Family Life where she put order into how the system works, managed the counseling team, and engaged in counseling and therapy sessions with clients when necessary. She also co-created the Ready for Life Curriculum, a Behaviour Transformation Curriculum run as an online school program, the curriculum is also recommended and being used by some secondary schools in Nigeria.

Ebun is also involved in carrying out researches and in writing research papers.

She is a partner with The Oxygenator Coaching.

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