Balanced ME™ Toolbox App

The Balanced ME™ Toolbox contain tools that simplify, bring clarity and balance to your life. These tools are:

  • Balanced ME™ Journals includes two transformative journals: MY GRATITUDE JOURNAL solely dedicated to noticing and appreciating the positive things in your life, it helps you capture the things you are grateful for – counting your blessings one by one in and out of season. MY LIFE JOURNEY JOURNAL which helps in capturing life experiences and regularly reflection on where you are and the journey ahead of you.
  • Balanced ME™ Lists: these help you capture the important tasks that you need to carry out within a given period of time, those ideas waiting to be birthed and the list of things to be resolved or decided upon. You can move items around within these lists per time. TO DO LIST, TO CREATE LIST and TO DECIDE LIST.
  • Balanced ME™ Reminder which allows you create reminders for important meetings, appointments, birthdays amongst other things.
  • Balanced ME™ Assessment Test helps you gauge from time to time how balanced you are and Balanced ME Essentials are completed by you as you get to discover and unravel who you are.
  • Balanced ME™ Tips includes useful tips for maintaining LIFE BALANCE.

It can be downloaded via Google or Apple Play Store

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